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Fit Preppy Boy Next Door Adrian Monroe JERKS OFF

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We're actually super excited about Adrian Monroe because he's down! That's right, you will get to see him fuck! He's super chill and easy going. He's got a huge dick and nice ass as well and has some past experience with pegging. For his first time hooking up on film with a guy, he killed it! He wasn't nervous like we thought he'd be... he did a terrific job.

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  • hot4u69 -

    I enjoy going back and watching the older videos.. This should be a training video of the brand of hoopla. Listen to Landon's interview. Landon talks to him, gets him warmed up, he gets naked and talks to landon, then he starts jerking.. pay attention to how long the camera is on the ass, the bed humping, the close ups of the ass, the camera is in the center of the ass getting both checks and the nuts and stays there... then he goes to the shower naked ( no underwear)... landon still talking and asking questions while we enjoy a hot man showering naked... This is the HOOPLA brand that sets the site apart from the rest.. DON"T change the BRAND....

  • bethel1973 -

    Adrian is absolutely adorable. Loved the video.

  • AGDavison -

    Threesome: Adrian Monroe, James Manziel and Collin Simpson. Please!