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Home Videos Ethan Manor Loses His Anal Virginity To Paul Tiller

Ethan Manor Loses His Anal Virginity To Paul Tiller

 | views: 754704 7%

Everyone has their first time... do you remember yours? Ethan Manor is an anal virgin and Paul Tiller is the lucky guy that gets to enjoy that never before fucked ass. These two have such awesome personalities and they love showing off for the camera. You will notice this in the extended behind the scenes action at the beginning of the video. Share some laughs with the guys as they prep for their big scene! Now it's time for some action. Nerves are high but both guys are ready and horny for each other. After a short interview, Ethan and Paul start passionately kissing. Paul takes advantage of his juicy lips and eats Ethan up. Clothes are now hitting the floor and with Ethan on his knees, Paul loses his shorts and Ethan starts going to town sucking Tiller's hard cock. Judging by the moans of pleasure from Paul, Ethan must have some excellent talents for a first time dick sucker. Paul wants a taste of Ethan's big stick now. Tiller sits him down and goes to work. It isn't long before Paul decides he wants to taste Ethan's hole before he fucks it. The time has come and Tiller the Driller declares it by saying, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!". All that prepping Ethan has been doing better pay off now.

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  • kgmets -

    Ethan's first scene with a partner was easy as James Manziel sucked and Ethan fucked. Not so this scene as Ethan sucked his first cock and had his virgin ass fucked. At 5'7" 140 lbs., Ethan's little butt looked hot being fucked.

  • Greko1203 -

    wow congratulations this video looks very real. see their faces of pleasure and those sounds of passion. phenomenal

  • Maringuy55 -

    Extremely sexy boys. I want to watch them fuck all day. Paul u know is up to something, but innocent Ethan a nasty boy??? Say again? Thats the one that takes me over the cliff. WOOF

  • pudgely -

    Nice job, guys!

  • ygB4b8i3FdSh -

    These two handsome studs are just so damn appealing. I cant quite put my finger on it but it just makes them even sexier. HOT

  • q1iUi64y8 -

    PAUL needs to loose some weight