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Edge of Desire, Part 5

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Here's the 2nd to last part of the "Edge of Desire" series. This time, the focus is on Phillip Anadarko and we're treated you to some hot 3-way and group action.

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  • Jbbi4u -

    Soo hot I'm going to cum

  • 9RKzFWx71H64 -


  • john9600 -


  • danvtr5 -

    Hopefully new members do not use this series as a bar for where GH stands with its hardcore scenes. This series was filmed many months ago and the quality of shoots has improved vastly since then. I appreciate the attempt at creativity, but cannot put EOD behind me fast enough. Onward and upward!

  • MattWA00 -

    Would like to see a non-solo video with Leonardo Accosi

  • pudge37 -

    One of the better entries in the series. Lots of genuine sex. Credit Phillip for doing some major work. One of the major problems was that it's exactly what that looked like - Work! Not at all erotic. Phillip got off twice, but none of the other models did. Ray has said he wishes that he could film this series all over again, with his improved s***s. And I wish that too. Well, maybe a different series with better photography and lighting & no models just phoning in their non-efforts.

  • cutedude -

    I have to agree that these Edge of Desire videos are disappointing overall. I don't think we need these weak plots ... stay with the hot guys playing and getting into each other or sexy interviews and solos. The quality is much ***er.

  • BensNews -

    Hard Core all the way and with that creative twist. Very Hot indeed.

  • alanning -

    Disappointing, and not hot! Would rather see two guys making out and hot hardcore sex! It seems that you don't really know what members would like to see! Tyler and Zane were great!

  • debut102 -

    sorry but preview does not look very good. enough of the edge of desire stuff. It isn't good. Bad lighting, bad storyline. Stick to solos or 2 guys and a bed and I'd be happy.

  • treeesq3660 -

    Wow, really disappointing to see you are still filming this garbage.