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Home Videos Edge of Desire FINALE

Edge of Desire FINALE

 | views: 669357 7%

Inside the dirty dark and twisted mind of Cole Money. After all the guys we're out on the floor in a daze, Cole was the last to retire. He awoke with the new kid, Brody James in his face. He aimed to teach Brody a little about what good sex was. After a sweaty fuck, Cole found himself in a dark hallway wearing a strange robe and holding only a candle. Walking through the house Cole could hear loud thumps and checked the room only to find himself fucking Brody James! Shocked and confused Cole backed away and quickly moved to the next room and again saw himself! This time fucking Ken Ott! Cole had no idea what was going on and headed up stairs confused and scared. Just when thing couldn't get anymore twisted, the entire room goes black with 5 flashlights pointing at him. When he switched the lights back on, a full on 6 men orgy emerges. Whatever was in the oil glaze the guys all put on, had them fucking and sucking like rabbits. Wait until you see the guys pick Phillip Anadarko up in the air to get straight fucked by Cole's donkey dick.

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  • kapukane -

    Just a stupid ridiculous story...had to fast forward thru most. Please keep the story realistic.

  • Devan1234 -

    Luv Ken in some group action..he is a real team player

  • 9yx47 -

    Philip Anadarko, the unsung hero of Gayhoopla videos, turns in yet another hot performance.

  • pudge37 -

    Probably the most satisfying of the series, if only for the mutual blow job & flip flop fuck scene with Cole & Brody. Good extended scene with very little intrusive editing. Brody actually seemed to be really into it after his limp-dick lackluster scenes in Part 1. The rest of it should have been scrapped. Enjoyed Ray's little Alfred Hitchcock moment.

  • Sylvain -

    5 ☆ without watching the vid! The best are here ;-)

  • Rancher -

    This was the best video of the series.

  • paul0330 -

    I do not care what anyone says , Loved the Series! It turned porn into ART just like Warhol did in the day!

  • asmcghee -

    love it

  • treeesq3660 -

    Please let this really be the end of this "series."

  • sobazaar -

    Cole is the man.

  • Sylvain -

    My King Cole for the Finale! it's an explosion of Manliness!

  • buttman -

    Cole is dreamy for sure, a man who's versatile with a bottom that's tops in my eyes! I can't wait for the "rest of the story!" 👍

  • pudge37 -

    This one looks like it might actually be good!