Home Videos Dustin Hazel BOTTOMS for NEW Long Blonde Hair SURFER DICK Sage Hardwell.

Dustin Hazel BOTTOMS for NEW Long Blonde Hair SURFER DICK Sage Hardwell.

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  • jake238 -

    One of my favorite vids to revisit primarily for superstar Dustin giving Sage an AMAZING bj! Incredibly hot! Also, Sage is such a big hairy hunk of man!

  • Bopenix -

    The only negative thing: I will never understand why hairy guys shave their hair. Dustin would be more virile and exciting with his natural hairy look. Damage. Fortunately, it grows back easily. :-)

  • Bopenix -

    THis scene has been filmed on my birthday. What a wonderful birthday gift it would have been if i watched them on this day. Anyway, never too late lol lol lol, Will watch them on my 2020 birthday lol

  • Bopenix -

    Great performance as well by Dustin as Sage with his beautiful long hairs on this video. More of this pair please. They turn me on....

  • Bopenix -

    Wonderful pairing. Great sensual and sexual show. I'm a little surprised that the rating is ot ***er; at least 95%

  • KingRomeo200 -

    Would love to see Sage Hardwell fuck a hot young latino bottom with a bubble ass.

  • Spirlfb -

    Great pairing! And great debut for Sage - more of him please :))

  • alopez7 -

    Dustin is great as bottom

  • atflynn3 -

    That guy Sage's eye really took me out of the scene

  • IcarusRising -

    I love seeing Dustin bottom

  • lsbg56 -

    Why did Dustin Shave its hair? I like it when it hair got pulled in his last video

  • Kayaker6 -

    Love Dustin's energy! Love to see him paired up with Derek!

  • kgmets -

    Good pounding of little Dustin by the bigger surfer boy Dick Sage Hardwell!

  • mitqz1 -

    More Dick Hardwell, please

  • mitqz1 -

    More Dick Hardwell, please

  • Ohio73 -


  • cheong31285 -

    i agree, dustin is an amazing bottom

  • BailyAdam -

    Dustin is the perfect bottom slut for this site