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Home Videos Dmitry Dickov Jerks One Out

Dmitry Dickov Jerks One Out

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Live cam cum show replay.

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  • Limerick -

    I agree with cockydude! I have had a long standing crush on Count Dickov! Dmitry, you are just simply the BEST!

  • cockydude07 -

    Damn it, I have a real bad crush on you! You have one of the most beautiful gentials set in America. I want you do badly I cannot stand it. My mouth would give your huge cock a very good workout. Why don't you flex your biceps in your videos, Dmitry? I am also a muscle worshipper. And size queen. I envy you because I wish I was you. I am 74 years told, but the horniness and desire never left me. I will do anything to have sex with you. I think you are in California, right? I am in South Carolina. If I could fly there or you could fly here to meet me in S.C., I would pay you $1,000 for sex. The catch is that I want to do this in ten monthly payments of $100 each out of my social security check. You are so gorgeous and hot and would make me happy for a few hours. I have got to have you one way or other. I want to suck your great cock until it is dry and worship your beautiful body. Please, I beg you, please give me a chance to meet you and let you fuck me. and Suck you. Please. Please. Please. I am in love with you. Is Landon your lover? Would he mind if I enjoy your pleasure for a few hours? Please make a Carolina man happy. I am Cockydude. And please give us at least a couple of live cam shows during the week. I am not home most weekends. Love, kisses and hug.....Give you rating of ten stars.

  • Mediasmart15 -

    Love your work! I wish you would do more guy on guy scenes. You are sexy as fuck and love to see how you make out with guys and intense sex.

  • Sylvain -

    Never disappointed! Joe you're always a #1