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Home Videos Dmitry Dickov FUCKS Phillip Anadarko

Dmitry Dickov FUCKS Phillip Anadarko

 | views: 678526 3%

Dmitry Dickov adds to his list of conquests by topping a newcomer to the GayHoopla site in this sexually charged encounter. Their hunger for one another is obvious as the touch and kiss, eventually culminating in Dmitry fucking Phillip's tight ass with his enormous cock. Their moans alone will have everyone standing at attention, and when Dmitry finally explodes on Phillip's face, every member will explode right along with him.

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  • popperdude05 -

    what happened to the word "uncut?"

  • HotJock69 -

    Dmitry is awesome---loved the facials. This a 5 star. The scene on the carpet was a nut buster.

  • brickboi1 -

    So Fucking Hot ! well until D eats Phillips ass. 5.0 up until that... live and learn boys.

  • 574q8 -

    Love the facial!! Add more cum eating and it will be perfect! Phillip's ass if fantastic and the rest of him is bad either. :D Love to see more of Phillip getting fucked and eating cum!

  • dross1705 -

    Good video. I laughed really hard at the bonus footage :)

  • macfalconer -

    Oh My Goodnes Stunning work from Dmitry,so jealous of Phillip,great video.

  • neonleon -

    Dmitry was very good, but Phillip makes this video work. Great job to both.

  • joel -

    can we get jason keys and max together next please?? lol

  • Limerick69 -

    This is one of the sexiest things Count Dickov has ever done! Very HOT! Phillip, how I envy you getting fucked by the legendary Count Dmitry Petrovich Dickov The Well-Hung!!

  • davidusc -

    Awesome sexy and fully connected and passionate. Phillip has a truly gorgeous ass. Right on guys. I have to say that IMO JJ and Austin still (just barely) hold first place for best non solo action scene. But for only a couple of reasons: JJ twerked! (so hot) And you could see Austin's dick sliding in and out of his gorgeous ass. Not so much with D and P. The HOG, was unfortunately not ***lighted in the fuck segments. But the facial at the end was awesome, though a few, (or several more) deep throat cum gobbling strokes after D shot on P's face would have been a thrill. And always please do it with the bottom, stomach/face down fuck position. It's the hottest most under used position in porn. It's heaven when the guys have as gorgeous of asses as your stable does. And when they move their asses around while getting fucked, umm ok gotta stop there, I'm at work. More please, More!

  • BensNews -

    This Dmitry-Phillip film is the "Best of Dmitry" wrapped up into one hot presentation! In my opinion, this video marks the real beginning of Dmitry's career! It is a spectacular match-up.

  • pudge37 -

    Best, hottest GH shoot so far. Dmitry was a total fuck god. Delighted to see Phillip so animated and involved. I guess Dmitry's big cock was an invigorating stimulus. Best photography and editing to date. And the outtakes with a surprise guest were a hoot! Five + stars!

  • paul -

    BONUS FOOTAGE , HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! But Sexy Fuck Dmitry

  • tre! -

    This is Dmitry's best scene to date. Why is the video so short though?

  • youthfan -

    dmitry is allways the best

  • cutjustfine -

    damn hot trailer, the full release will burn thru cyberspace! sizzling hot, natural, the scene on the floor, hot as hell! begging for more!

  • brashbr -

    From this trailer, this is one of the best filmed video you guys have produced. This should be the benchmark for all upcoming videos.

  • BanksCon -

    philiip is hot, he has a nice ass

  • Loopster -

    Omg It's Marco. hahahahaha and he's getting banged by Dmitry. Lmfao! :D

  • macfalconer -

    Very Hot Stuff.

  • danvtr5 -

    I do recognize Phillip from elsewhere. He is a sexual dynamo! And takes a facial, too! Cannot wait for this one and to hopefully see more of "Phillip".

  • odinnot -

    i do also recognized Philip.he is from corbin glad you got him on the site

  • Sylvain -

    I recognized Philip ;-)

  • Dormon00 -

    Good catch: one of the most beautiful Frat. He must redo his duo with JJ: now we know that both can go quite further, that will be very hot.

  • pudge37 -

    All right! Glad to welcome "Phillip" into the fold, now that he's a porn expert! Looks like this one's going to be superhot and worthwhile! Guess we'll soon be gifted with that five-man orgy as well! GayHoopla! GayHoopla! GayHoopla!

  • danthebigone -

    Well I think I have found the only place worth my continued membership!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew2013 -

    Talk about coming full circle.

  • paul -