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Derek Jones Turns The Tables On Ethan Manor

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In the opening interview, Derek was planning on getting fucked, but taking one look at Ethan's furry hole, he knew he had to have it.


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  • jake238 -

    Derek is such a hottie and delivers another great performance! He's awesome whether topping or bottoming but I REALLY hope there's more of him bottoming! It's so hot to see both! :-)

  • violetsky -

    Fantastic scene. One of your best tops with one of your best bottoms, each doing what he does best. I'd love to see Ethan bottom for Bryce

  • kgmets -

    They both look younger without the beards. Ethan took it like a champ and ate cum too.

  • ingoeid -

    I love D jones, the best, please more scenes Derek bottoming!!! is so hot.