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Home Videos Derek Jones & Michael Santos FlipFuck For The Holidays

Derek Jones & Michael Santos FlipFuck For The Holidays

 | views: 717816 4%

Happy Holidays from all of us at GayHoopla! Derek Jones & Michael Santos would like to formally extend an invitation to you all... but for a different type of holiday party. The action goes down in a quaint log cabin with the decorations set and ambiance just right. A raunchy fuck is due and the only nuts getting cracked this season belong to these hot guys. Michael and Derek fuck hard and long making every position a tasty holiday treat. Derek even said that he wasn't going to be doing any bottoming this time around and low and behold, he ended up bending over and spreading his cheeks wide for uncut Latino hunk Michael. Ho ho ho! Has someone been good this year?! It's definitely NOT these two dirty boys... PERFECT! Just how we like our jock men to be!

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  • odinnot -

    it was fun interview. nice to that they both cum on each other abs. good that derek give up his ass to michael. derek ask michael if he is going to cum derek abs,michael want to cum on derek beautiful ass,in the end michael cum derek abs lol

  • odinnot -

    hot see michael & derek enjoy each other hot body at begin at the scene, i love position derek is doing 01:43,i can see why michael cock get hard. hot blowjob,i love the rimming. hot rim & fuck under the x-mas tree, hot seeing michael bottom

  • odinnot -

    the dec 10 is take so long to cum. hmm x-mas cum early. i love derek & his big booty. hot seeing derek fuck michael. so happy derek give up big booty. i love seeing derek big booty get fuck