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Home Videos Derek Jones Jerks Off

Derek Jones Jerks Off

 | views: 679313 14%

Live cam show replay.


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  • odinnot -

    i still cant wait to see derek hardcore scene,i have been waiting a year to see derek do some man on man action & nothing yet im waiting like crazy for more derek jones

  • odinnot -

    i cant wait to see derek hardcore scene. i will love to see derek bottom

  • labradorguy -

    hot damn. i waited like forever for you to come back and then i miss you .......lol great to see you again

  • asslover99 -

    Amazing.. hottest guy on the site by far

  • odinnot -

    it would be hot.when derek take off his underwear he show off his ass

  • odinnot -

    I also love see derek hole in 42:17 great view & i also love seeing derek finger his ass doggy style I love the way derek show off his ass in 44:17 i will be enjoying this show from derek for a long time

  • odinnot -

    derek have 1 of the best butts i have every seen. maybe you got to do a solo video with derek showing his ass,finger ass,toys up his ass. putting his cum in his ass. also taste & smell his from fingers & toys. maybe also see him get rim & finger by a other guy.also bottom

  • odinnot -

    hmm im so happy derek is back.he look so good with his shave face. hot body & i love his ass. wow derek doing assplay make me feel like i was in heaven. i love 22:40 when he bend over & show his ass in boxers.rub his hole in boxers. then turn his boxer into a thong. I love 31:32 when he show his asshole.i love seeing his ass in jockstrap & i love the way derek move the straps into his ass.making it a thong. I love the way he show his ass in 32:35. i love the way he show off his ass between 32:57 to 33:33 I love the ass fingering,when he taste & smell his ass from fingers I love when he put his fingers with cum in his ass

  • wallace -