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Home Videos Derek Jones FUCKS Max Richie

Derek Jones FUCKS Max Richie

 | views: 761720 5%

Let's face it, it was only a matter of time before big Dirty D Derek Jones would find out about our new bubble butt stud, Max Richie. Derek told us that he had been watching our updates and noticed Max was always bending over taking dick after dick. Eventually, it was too much for Derek to just sit back and spectate... he wanted to be balls deep in Max's phat ass too. So after months of Derek's calls and texts BEGGING to get his chance with Max, we finally let him have that sweet ass. Hey we gotta hand it to ya Derek, persistence is the key and it definitely got you what you wanted this time buddy. All that waiting paid off for Derek. His anticipation turned into desire, passion, and pleasure for both of them in this hot, rough, romp.

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  • member3im4CBitbCWShIh4 -

    what a shame this video is. the top should have eaten all that beautiful cum of the sweet bottom. I can bear listening to the fucking narrator!

  • Borpat61 -

    Max and Derek both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Max was hard throughout and they tasted each other’s cum. They bring hot gay back to Gayhoopla! Some day I want to get a hot rimjob from Derek!

  • odinnot -

    i forgot to say, i love seeing the butts at the end. i love derek big booty

  • KPme0125 -

    Max Richie looks so gay.

  • odinnot -

    i hope more derek for 2019, derek look is best now then when he 1st start gayhoopla.

  • odinnot -

    hot moaning & dirty talk. everything about this scene was so hot. hot rimjob. i love everything. this is my fav scene 1 of max & this is 1 of my fav scene of derek, i love seeing derek ass fuck aka bottom & but derek is a amazing top too.

  • odinnot -

    hot video to end the year. very hot chemistry. derek & maxx looks like they enjoy each other. i love the interview . hot kissing,enjoy the body,hot bj,hot fucking,derek cum from max riding his cock & hot derek help max cum. hot cum eating. hot scene

  • daveyknows -

    Let the moans come naturally, not this fake shit.

  • semitaro2 -

    I am excited at Max's eroticism and refreshingness. I am intrigued by the pant voice and seductive expression especially during the act. I am looking forward to next time.

  • pudgely -

    DD Delivers. I'm sure with the attractive Max it was a pleasure

  • odinnot -

    Im looking forward to see this scene