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Home Videos Derek Jones & Collin Simpson FLIP FUCK

Derek Jones & Collin Simpson FLIP FUCK

 | views: 770704 7%

Enjoy a VR 2nd angle with two classic GayHoopla hunks: Collin Simpson & Derek Jones... an all-you-can-eat muscle jock buffet. One of the best things about these guys is that they really, genuinely just love sex and pleasure. They can't get enough! Oh and it doesn't matter who they are giving/receiving pleasure to/from... they just want it that badly... true hedonists. Wanna know the best part? Collin and Derek are true/natural performers and LOVE to be in front of the camera showing off how freaky they can really get. These two turn it in to a competition with who can take it the furthest... and when you get two ultra competitive guys together going at it, you can just imagine where things will go. Once we hit the record button, we just sat back and grabbed the popcorn with a front seat to the big, hot, sexy, sweaty show. We suggest you do the same. Maybe grab the lube and a towel too while you are at it ;)

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  • oscarmendoza -

    Another vídeo with this two guys together. They are perfect together

  • odinnot -

    Great to see gayhoopla release more derek. Derek is my fav. Hot flip/flop. I wish it had close up of them fuck. Great see derek big booty take collin big cock. I looking forward to see the VR view

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    if that is your pro cam guy you need a refund

  • Musta0000 -

    Hot guys, camera work sucks as usual.

  • popperdude05 -

    Kinda boring BUT hot (if that makes sense?) B

  • hot4u69 -

    What’s up with the camera. It was tooooooooo far away most of the time. There weren’t any closeups when they were having sex. We never saw the ass pounding. We on saw from the side view when they were having sex.

  • pje82151 -

    Erratic camera work, few close-ups and poorly-captured cumshots mar what would otherwise have been a classic. The bodies of these two sex gods have never looked better. I'm going to assume this was made before the new production team came onboard.

  • 11janus -

    Two really hot performers, but lousy production--static, no close-ups...did you guys place the camera on a tripod and went out to lunch? What a wasted opportunity to make a really hot video. Please tell me this is not the work of the new director...

  • letsbefriends -

    the more ass eating the better!

  • RfXEkEPxgYst -

    when are you guys going to up your game and get in the big leagues and go BAREBACK

  • bethel1973 -

    Derek is just too hot and sexy for words. Love this man!

  • gGr1BNBWne81 -

    Two of the hottest guys on the site. if only it was BAREBACK

  • pudgely -

    I got off just from the trailer. Two of my all-time faves doing what they do best.

  • odinnot -

    nice that gayhoopla release the trailer Derek Jones & Collin Simpson FLIPFLUCK very hot trailer