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Home Videos Damon Manning Gives Himself A Facial!

Damon Manning Gives Himself A Facial!

 | views: 919944 4%

Can you believe Damon Manning was nervous he wouldn't get hard before his shoot? His dick stood tall and proud through his entire first adult film! all we can say to that cumshot is: WOW! We almost missed that massive load after it flew out of frame! Damon was all smiles after busting that massive rocket off!

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  • roonbng -

    The pretty ones are always so boring. So obvious he is a breeder!

  • venividivictor -

    James manziel and damon manning fucking each other would be a dream

  • fratboylover69 -

    Ok you say you almost missed the cum shot??? get a new camera man....thats his only job....teach him to hold a good frame position for more than ten seconds....and keep the face in the shot till the models done with his orgasm....the cock and cum will still be there for the close up....

  • fratboylover69 -

    Damon's very hot....would be good to see him in a quickie scene....would love for you guys to bring them back

  • butch1910 -

    The full package! Guy-on-guy, pronto!