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Home Videos Cop Bryce Beckett Catches Jeremy Barker Hooking Up On Campus

Cop Bryce Beckett Catches Jeremy Barker Hooking Up On Campus

 | views: 752701 9%

When police officer Bryce Beckett is doing his regular rounds on campus, he comes across a vehicle that's rocking. He pops the trunk and catches Jeremy Barker in the back with one of his hookups. "You know you can get expelled for this?" Bryce says to the two. These students can't afford that happening so they tell Bryce they'll do anything to get out of it. Back to Bryce's place they go, but only Jeremy is welcome inside for this to be made right.

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  • piercing214 -

    Impossible to ever get enough of Jeremy bottoming--especially on his stomach across a bed, being pile-driven/banged while his incredible back is arched, which he clearly loves, long & hard with prolonged, well-lit penetration shots from directly behind the models! That body & face, voice, everything is 100% legit in a league of their own! Release the full scene now, please & thanks! Check out the near-record number of views which have already been racked up!