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College Jocks Lucas Garza and Brady Corbin FUCK

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Once Lucas Garza got that ass drilled once, he couldn't get enough. Now he's all about getting it licked and penetrated. We also gave him a nice doggy bone this time and let him suck off Brady Corbin before getting fucked. Lucas Garza has liked bottoming so much, he's told us he can't jerk off at home anymore without a toy in his ass. "It's just not the same." What do you all think? Should we keep slamming Lucas' ass?

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  • Borpat61 -

    Both Lucas and Brady give a good effort and make a hot fuck video together. The rim job was awesome. Somebody here says Brady is gross. I think he is hot. He has a peculiar cock, but it is hot and works just fine. Loved this vid!

  • damon67 -

    I am surprised so many members are willing to give a "pass" on such limited and poor filming s***s. With the *** quality of models on this site, it blows my mind the quality of the videos is still so lacking in almost every aspect.

  • rdynyc -

    The videography is just too weak on so so many of these videos! Guys, guys, guys - when a guy's ass is getting eaten, you GOT to angle that camera at some point to see the dudes "asshole" getting licked by a tongue. Filming experience needed!

  • odinnot -

    hot seeing brady rim lucas good to see lucas enjoying being a bottom

  • paul0330 -

    i am shocked that GH did not grab up sebastian seeing how GH loves CF models

  • uTimT8DW2pcM -

    Great Scene

  • vickyladdesi -

    Brady is Gross!

  • paul0330 -

    brady has a great ass! can not wait to see him bottoming !! (hint, hint) :)

  • brashbr -

    Brady has a fucked up cock

  • paul0330 -

    brady is back!!!! yes

  • DmitryDickov -

    Try it now guys.

  • odinnot -

    nice scene,still need to add the rest of photo & trailer. i cant wait for Derek Jones & James Manziel scene

  • granolamike30 -

    Aww is there no preview video? Love me some Lucas and love that he's bottoming!

  • paul0330 -

    love the pics