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Cole Gets FUCKED!!

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Cole Money will take it in the ass for the very first time ever. This has been in the making for years as Cole Money has slowly taken steps towards pushing his boundaries. This is it! He goes all the fucking way. Does he take it like a champ? Or was the very physical Cody Wolfe to much for him.

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  • HotJock69 -

    Cody has big loads--very hot.

  • fq3ky -

    Cody Wolfe carries the show in this video! Cole's a cum covered whiner complaining about what we, who come to see this show, enjoy as the show's finale. Cody and his super uncut dick did not disappoint. Cole needs to rethink this business he's in. A *** five doesn't stop his shower discussion for being a downer.

  • jackrd3 -

    Cody is a great top. He shots a big enough load to impregnate a whole town.

  • cutjustfine -

    ...Cole is just too damn fine; just looking at what is a perfect male body, and lusty mind, along with personality, lucky Cody (who is another hot partner) like the natural slow interaction between the guys!

  • brickboi1 -

    nothing more sexy than to see Cole with his legs in the air. This guy is so hot. Glad you gave that ass up Cole. Should of been me fucking that hot ass of yours..

  • JonBoy -

    It was great watching the forever hot Cole give it up for a good slamming. I loved it though next time (I Hope!) I would love to hear Cole groan a bit and use that filthy mouth of his for some hot fuck talk. YAH, fuck me man, fuck me deeper man! Love this sight and really want to see more duo content, as it really really rocks. My favorite position is bottom flat down on stomach with cute perky hot ass being slammed from above shot from every possible angle. mmmmm.....mmmmm...good.

  • Eddie -

    Not everybody likes it. Cole could've pretended as if he was enjoying himself. Jesus. He looked like he was just trying to survive and not in a good pain/pleasure way. Just a tip: we like gay porn because the participants seem as if they like it. Kudos to Cole for "enduring" all that dick.

  • alx -

    Works for me. Great Video. Total Turn on. One of the best, liked all the kissing too

  • Gmmann -

    Video not working!!!

  • JLK -

    Not working.

  • Andiboi70 -

    I've been a fan of Cole's for a long time across a few sites and thoroughly enjoyed "Flip" and "Flop"! Hope to see more hard core like it Cole as your freakin hot!

  • rico -

    This video takes too long to buffer..like many things on this site. Very frustrating website to use.

  • Alann -

    I was disappointed in the fact that Cole had his face hidden for most of the scene and the revulsion he showed for cum at the end! I don't think I am going to stay with this site, as there is probably not going to be much hardcore sex here!

  • sobazaar -

    Cole is always a fave and this scene was outstanding with two great guys.

  • Pudgester -

    That was so great. Knowing Cole for so long, it almost felt like it was I who was getting fucked for the first time. Cole clearly was enjoying it, just as I would have. I nutted when I watched it the first time and then again when I watched the recording. The definition on the video is outstanding, by the way.

  • BigEvil1978 -

    Cole took Cody's Dick like a champ....Very hot scene between these two very hot guys. I have to agree with Cole I can't stand the smell of cum haha. Can't wait to see whats next. Great Job Cole and Cody FLOP was awesome as was FLIP.

  • Mark3266 -

    Can't get the video to work