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Clay Anker FUCKS Leo Bosh

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Clay Anker gets his chance to fuck up Leo Bosh's hole. This is likely the reason because Leo Bosh hasn't stopped texting management asking for Clay. The moment Clay came outside and started flirting with him, Leo grew a boner. He was grabbing Clay's ass with a firm grip, pushing up against him while kissing him passionately. Leo took Clay inside and started to suck him off. He wanted to slurp the nut out of him so bad while polishing his pole, but Clay wanted to fuck first. Now Leo's ass was super tight before Clay started drilling. After Leo got the shit fucked out of him, both of them had massive cumshots that sprayed all over the place.

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  • silver9 -

    I think Clay is the hottest guy on this site. ugh. omg

  • pudge37 -

    Good fucking. The guys gave a good show, but camerawork and editing way too jumpy, although there were many good shots they obviously weren't consecutive, no steady flow, so it was hard to get into the sex. This one demands a re-do.

  • treeesq3660 -

    Clay is a great bottom, so this has real potential to disappoint. Once again looks like there is no rimming.

  • Loopster -

    I'm really hopeing that it's not a limp dick session. I'm so tired of them. Especially when I really like Clay.

  • pudge37 -

    Looks like a hot session!