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Home Videos "Classic" Austin Anderson

"Classic" Austin Anderson

 | views: 681909 14%

We wanted to try out some different things in some of these featured videos and came up with the classic idea. Let us know what you think of the classic fisherman getting a good ole jerk at the dock of the bay.

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  • hot4u69 -

    ok. I'm confused by this video. Black and white pictures of naked guys can be hot. Only if they are still shots. However, a black and white video with a faded lense on it ,isn't hot. One thing we know about us gay men, We are visual people. I still don't know what this person really looks like

  • philpg -

    Not a good video.

  • pudge37 -

    If you wanted it to look like a faded old 8mm movie, it did (except, it wouldn't have been widescreen). Was it at all enjoyable? No.

  • brashbr -

    What's up with the cigarette? Is he trying out to be the next Marlboro Man? Not hot at all. Usually L you hit the mark but the cigarette hanging from his mouth, a big turn off. He is good looking and nice body, but a person who works out his body and then pollutes it from the inside out has always puzzled me. Let's have him try again but this time with out the cancer stick. I will give him 3 stars and we know why. Next video lets go for all 5 stars.

  • Savsimlee -

    The attention and determination in his face is hot!

  • MattWA00 -

    The cigarette (even not lit) does nothing for me.