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Clark Bates Spanks One Out

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Live cam cum show replay.

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  • caliente09 -

    more of that ass please

  • cutedude -

    Clark is such a handsome personable guy. Definitely bring him back for more cam shows, please! Can't get enough of that hot booty and wish he would spread it too!

  • keeb314 -

    oh yes....im very happy to see this guy here >=) we never did get to see enough of him the first time around

  • Loopster -

    Omg he did a show?! That's awesome. A very handsome, really gorgeous man. Hope he come back for more stuff. :) Thanks for getting this one Landon and Joe. :)

  • versalin2 -

    I am a french uncut man, but my english is not good enough to undersatnd what Clark told about the plastic pierced hood he put on his dick, on ordinary time. So weird!