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Home Videos Clark Bates Jerks OFF And Wants To Be UNCUT

Clark Bates Jerks OFF And Wants To Be UNCUT

 | views: 659026 6%

Clark Bates is our newest model choking the chicken. What he love most about Clark Bates is he's a deep thinker. You really need to here his philosophy on uncut dicks and why he's using a toy right now to get his cut dick, back to it's natural form. Clark has a great smile and is quite easy on the eyes! Marriage material for sure.

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  • smjeff -

    Clark is one articulate guy! More!

  • smjeff -

    What a load! 5/5!

  • smjeff -

    Clark rocks! Can't wait for him to be paired with another guy! BTW, you really should try to get another pair of eyes to check the copy. I am sure you meant to write, "What we like about...," and "You really need to hear...."

  • uextp -

    get him back on cam pleaaase !

  • ogarcia37 -

    Wow, what an amazing guy. More please!

  • rstolley -

    hottest guy in a long time. If he does some man on man action, I'll be ok to die peacefully lol

  • pudge37 -

    Glad to see Clark again. He's sexy as hell, and smart too! Makes me doubly horny. I hope you captured him having sex, either with a girl or guy. But, you know me - I'd rather it be with a guy! Here's hoping.

  • limerick -

    Clark is: Charming, Lusty, Adorable, Randy, & Kinky! He is pure Gayhoopla JOY!! I want to see a lot more of him in action!!

  • Loopster -

    I really want to be a fly on the wall, if he and Jow ever have a discussion about foreskin. hahaha That would be such a hoot! I suggest a foreskin podcast!! hahaha I really fucking love the title.. For that this video gets, 5/5 stars. hahahahaha And and he really needs to do hardcore.

  • uextp -

    Please get this guy back on the cam shows!!

  • uextp -

    can not wait!!

  • limerick -

    Clark is adorable!! We need to see much more of this handsome, hung man!!