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Home Videos Chase Tamland Gets Turned On By The Camera Guy!

Chase Tamland Gets Turned On By The Camera Guy!

 | views: 591496 2%

Chase Tamland is a horny power bottom that LOVES muscular guys! When he saw our camera guy walk in gripping that camera, he was immediately checking him out! Chase was even a bit nervous when things started. With a bit of hot conversation from the guy behind the lens, Chase started warming up real quick. By the time his dick came out, he was loving all the attention! Those big juicy balls look so perfect bouncing around as he stroked his dick! Mr. Power-Bottom really knew what to do when we asked him for some humping and buttplay. Chase shows us his tight ass and teases the camera before finishing himself off with a couple fingers up his hole! Our hot new hunk leaves no messes and eats it all up!

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  • moesnyy -

    We need some rimming content from Chase!

  • rwheeler -

    Hope he's here to stay, I would def watch him top one of the other models!

  • Blake__50 -

    Chase is such a hairy blue eyed hottie!

  • r0bj0hn24 -

    Submissive bottom Chase loves a deep cock in his throat! Let's give this guy more cock in his mouth

  • jake238 -

    Not exactly the original interview style (which i love and prefer) but this was a hot interview style. Great bush, chest hair and big low-hanging balls.Nice t***s and fantastic booty! So hot when he was pushing his furry butt into the camera! There are always great views on the dick but not always great views of the booty so hopefully this trend continues! Hope to see more of this style in solos. Great job on this one!

  • ZachUSA -

    Wonder which camera man got him hot and bothered... cuz all 3 men naked are fucking hot as fuck....PERIOD

  • membertjRQ4wLhGFDRFpjU -

    The chemistry between Sage and Chase is adorable. I want a video with them fucking now.