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Chase Arcangel Takes Franco Styles Anal Virginity

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We've all had our first time, right? This time Chase Arcangel treats Franco Styles to a big, hard cock for a fucking that Franco will certainly NEVER forget. These two were close friends before this scene and are even closer after Chase stretched Franco's virgin ass to the max. Stick around for the cumshots... it's another first for both of them. Double facial anyone?

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  • roonbng -

    Ah Chase. Sorry to see it wasn't as good as it was with Meghan. I was a little bit colder but not too bad

  • Kayaker6 -

    Hot as fuck scene! Loved seeing Franco take it doggy style! Love to see a group scene with Franco, Chase, Jeremy and Jacob!

  • tatman22 -

    Holy shit! That was hot, hot… Hot! I can’t wait till Chase is on the receiving end! It will be too hot for words. Chase is my absolute most favorite new guy On GH.

  • BailyAdam -

    see lol

  • BailyAdam -

    That’s what we want to

  • pp2667 -

    Fuck yeah! Cock sucking, facials - great scene! Chase sucking 2 dicks next would be fucking good.

  • nova48 -

    Really great scene, Hot to the max. Love both these guys. Franco & Chase on the Facial unexpected. Loved it.

  • butch1910 -


  • Subsailor99 -

    Hot as Hell for sure...!!!!! Awsome that Chase sucked cock...for the first time on here...!!!! Great job dude

  • Blackstone -