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Home Videos Caught On Campus! Cop Bryce Beckett Punishes Jeremy Barker's Hole For Breaking The Rules

Caught On Campus! Cop Bryce Beckett Punishes Jeremy Barker's Hole For Breaking The Rules

 | views: 774672 1%

"Oh shit! The cops are here!" is what came out of Jeremy Barker's mouth when police officer Bryce Beckett approached the vehicle, but it was too late to get away. Jeremy was in the middle of a hookup and now that he was caught getting it on on campus, he is at risk of getting expelled! Jeremy will do ANYTHING for that to not happen... And he might just like it too.

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  • memberNHn6bh98JubJre2K -

    Jeremy & Bryce, what a scene, I always come back for more of Jeremy-and now I will add Bryce to the list. Love You Both.

  • glinda888 -

    JB was born to bottom. His furry butt was meant to be filled with cum. Please start doing that, breeding, don't pull out until the job is done. Then let it ooze...

  • IcarusRising -

    Watching Jeremy Barker get fucked was just what I needed this morning.

  • jake238 -

    No one has mentioned how incredible the pic set for this video is! Great pic set!!! I don't have a single negative thing to say about this sex scene! There are ALWAYS things that could make a seen even more wonderful...including with this scene. I do understand some of the points mentioned by other commenters such as the comment about certain angles that weren't included. But that doesn't change that this video had some AWESOME angles !!!! Great job on that! Some closeups of Bryce's hole and Jeremy's tongue action when Jeremy was laying under him licking his balls would've been even HOTTER and it's something small that would've added more to the scene! BUT...and its a big butt (lol) this was still a HOT scene despite that! One of the most coveted shots is seeing the top's hole closeup while penetrating the bottom from behind! That's always a winning shot!! This update is serving classic GAYHOOPLA vibes!! P.S. Thanks for the A+ pairing! It's been long enough for us to miss Bryce and Jeremy so pairing them and the timing of this release was spot on! Now we just need new Bryce-type guys for the hardcore scenes roster!!! :-)

  • jake238 -

    WOW! HOT HOT HOOOT! So EPIC seeing these 2 muscley hunks going at! Love all their natural body hair! Especially Bryce's beard! This is the type of video that made me fall in love with gayhoopla years ago!!! Its so refreshing to see a muscley hunk like Jeremy bottom instead of the more twink-ish types. And omg Bryce's big ol muscle butt is still a thing of beauty! Jeremy's butt is amazing as well like always! I miss seeing updates like this! Its been so long since we've had an update like this! Very refreshing! Hope we see more bottoms like Jeremy or Bryce being topped by big guys! This should be the standard! :-)

  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Ahh, men... Love when guys sport their natural fur. So tired of men always smooth like chicks. Both have great asses!

  • magnetJ58 -

    Love Jeremy. Great setup. Love seeing Jeremy evolve and keep his shy sexy personality. Really like that he doesn't rush the action.

  • memberY1dM9juTeIsGmxDf -

    The new power couple! I hope you make another one with these awesome guys! Gayhoopla you never disappoint!

  • piercing214 -

    Jeremy is on fire beyond all description. Great scene in many respects, inc. wasting no time getting to the action, & the storyline was hot. My one disappointment (& honestly it's a big one) is that there wasn't a sequence with Jeremy bottoming when on his stomach, spread out across the bed, with the top fully mounting on top of him, piledriving while Jeremy's incredible back is arched (which he has previously shown that he clearly loves), banging long & hard, with prolonged, well-lit penetration shots from directly behind the models! Despite that production oversight, my boy is unbeatable at oral with that sizzling tongue piercing--multiple times all the way down to the base, & then some, again! Jeremy is worth every penny he makes!