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Home Videos Canelo Ment gets his first taste of Marcus Von Ryder's hole.

Canelo Ment gets his first taste of Marcus Von Ryder's hole.

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Canelo has had his eyes on Marcus for a while, he mentions his big lips, his ripped muscles and his tight hole. He got all three and couldn't stop talking about it. Then he gets a nice load of cum on his red beard. Young and handsome cub Canelo may not have had a lot of cock in his life, but he's making up for lost time.

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  • mdf1960 -

    Two really hot young men. A ++

  • SexySammy4u -

    top should get a new underwear after pay cheque !!!

  • woahyyyjeh -

    I wanna see Canelo get dominated

  • bigwill1738 -

    Love to see these two pushing their limits. Every update seems to get better and better these days! Excited to see what's next from GH!

  • jake238 -

    Almost forgot...great pic set! Marcus has such a cute smile! Canelo looks very charming! :-)

  • jake238 -

    10/10! I'm almost speechless! Almost! lol This is easily a contender for best scene of the year in my opinion! Canelo is such a gem and Marcus brought his A game! I enjoyed him in this scene with his passionate interaction with Canelo! This was a stellar pairing! Their chemistry added a lot to their performance. The chemistry was on point!LOVED this one!

  • odinnot -

    I see Canelo Ment love getting rim. I hope Canelo will love cock up his bubble butt

  • jimjam -

    more Canelo PLEASE!

  • Aaronschroyer -

    Canelo is so hot omg.

  • pp2667 -

    Love the increase in facials. Keep up the good work.