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Buff Bear Cub James Jerks Out A Load

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Live cam replay.

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  • Ohio73 -

    James’s is really cute. Love him!

  • mikalmilano -

    I watched Brad first, then James. Not bad, but two in a row who can't get it up, and then bs about cumming? How about you search the gym for a dude that can finish the job for your members?

  • Loopster -

    Omg Woof daddy! hahahahahaha

  • caliente09 -

    love his ass. wanted more of it

  • LaEl -

    LOL @ Jonjoplin funny comment!

  • jonjoplin -

    It's 2015 and LaEl is literally going to the gym, finding the sexiest 6ft fuck, and getting him naked for all of us on camera. Welcome to the future.