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BUCK Carter BOTTOMS: First-Time With Julian Rodriguez

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Here it is, that moment you've been waiting for. A couple weeks ago we got to see Julian Rodriguez bottom for the first time AND we got introduced to Buck Carter in his debut solo. People wanted to see more of both... so here we are. This is Buck's first hardcore scene and he admits he's a bit nervous but "Couldn't ask for a cuter guy," he says looking at Julian. He says that bottoming is "like working out... hurts a bit at first but then it feels good."

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  • griffrag13626 -

    please get Buck Carter back for more videos, he's hot.

  • AmxsxgHK7A -

    This Buck guy is my fantasy! Sexy muscle guy being fucked. Nice job!

  • KZC7Z5R4Zv7q -


  • 6b5i6XPQJA28 -

    That look on his face -- the agony and the ***!

  • mYDLbvevSv1v -

    The bonus footage sex should be part of the main clip

  • pudgy37 -

    Wow! David and Goliath, but this Goliath obviously wanted to be conquered by David. I'd love to see an enormous dick plow that eager hole. And thanks to Julian for giving him exactly what he wanted.

  • pudgy37 -

    That'll be a great gift for my birthday!

  • VeyRa7976Vz1 -

    Can't wait!!!