Home Videos Bryce Beckett Splits Newbie Pax Meyers In Half

Bryce Beckett Splits Newbie Pax Meyers In Half

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We promise you there was a safe-word but Bryce Beckett absolutely destroyed Pax Meyers's ass. Some people say this was the day Bryce Beckett became a legend and others regard him as a jerk. This is Pax's 1st time bottoming ever and Bryce loves him a tight hole.

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  • allen14 -

    Bryce needs to get fucked that way, Jerk is an understatement so is your part Gay***la.

  • loganscott7 -

    Bryce is so fuckin hot. Need way more of him

  • adaboy -

    I found the intense fuck so hot

  • butch1910 -

    both sexy guys. pax was too loud. need to tone down the annoying screaming.

  • Spence -

    I found it hard to watch too. It didn’t look fun for Pax. It look painful! boo from me too!

  • MOPMAN -

    Bryce is a jerk. In the interview he proudly stated it was fun for him,and "obviously not" for Pax. He knew he was hurting Pax, That was Pax's 1st time bottoming, and Bryce gave him the kind of fucking that makes you never want to bottom again. Boo.

  • violetsky -

    Wow. Just wow. Bryce has ascended to legendary status

  • G7zwcYNXNS3g -

    Bryce is an absolute god

  • Trescomplet -

    Second update relevant to my interests in two weeks! What is happening?