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Brendan Lane Wants All The Fame!

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Brendan Lane's the newest monster hunk on set today! He's standing well over 6' and broke 200lb scale long ago! Brendan's mastered his body and crafted a beautiful physique, so now it's time for him to move on to a new challenge and he's decided to start here with us! Brendan's ready to go and within a few minutes of showing up, he's in front of the camera ready to show what he can do!

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  • st33lr0dme -

    Y'all have been nailing it with the casting of the new guys!

  • airhead1289 -

    Really hoping that he's going to stay around

  • hotst1ck6 -

    Brendan has the body of a real greek God!!

  • Anon_931 -

    Damn he's so sexy! Well-spoken too, he's really the whole package

  • harlanny -

    Been waiting for this one, what an incredible beast! Hope he comes back for more!