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Brady Corbin Fucks Collin Simpson

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This scene starts out very intimate... Brady Corbin and Collin Simpson are already kissing and touching and whispering into each other's ears. "I want you to fuck me hard today," Collin whispers. The two guys spend some time rubbing each other's bodies and comparing abs and muscles. "I never had a man so big," Collin tells Brady. Not sure that's true but it sure turns Brady on to hear it. Brady's dick is already hard as he pulls off Collin's pants to get to his dick. This one spools out in real time as the seasoned Collin gets Brady into place. Brady rolls over and Collin spreads his ass cheeks open. Collin LOVES it. "That feel weird? You ever had this done before?" Collin asks. "Never had this before... feels so good" Brady tells him. We get a lot of great shots of Collin rimming Brady's hole and then more of Collin sucking Brady's thick dick. Brady is still new to the world of guy/guy action, so he's still just a bit nervous but he's clearly enjoying himself. "You wanna fuck me?" Collin asks... yes. Yes he does.

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  • Musta0000 -

    Let's film a hot ass getting rimmed from the worst camera angle ever and never show the guys hole. Boring

  • Lesliekush -

    Damn! You are so hot!! You really make me cum as always

  • scottray -

    WOW..............Damn this was one hell of a nice fuck video! all of it was hot, made me rock hard the whole way. This will be one I will go back to time and time again to get off on..........Thank you guy's!

  • hot4u69 -

    Brady isn't hot enough to fuck Collin Simpson. Collin is at the top and he's a star. I would give my right nut to have sex with Collin. This guy Brady should feel lucky

  • kH8czT8gqcK -

    .... not only to yourself but to the viewers as well!

  • kH8czT8gqcK -

    right! i agree he's like a waste.... i see all these other guys on here that are straight and they are doing much more . Brady stop being a little bitch and take one for the team.. you are the one who signed up to do gay porn so make it worth it not

  • pb94301 -

    No more Brady. He isn't big enough, body or dick. He doesn't rim, he doesn't suck, he doesn't bottom. He receives everything but then only fucks a dude. Not interested. To miss rimming an ass like Collin Simpson's is a tragedy.

  • dickie83 -

    Why are the cumshots cutoff at the beginning? It would have been great to see the lead-up all the way to the cum and not just cutting to five seconds into it. Other than that, great scene!

  • hardjock87 -

    first time i've ever been jealous of collin.

  • kH8czT8gqcK -

    seriously,,, but you know it will never happen, He's been on other sites and he hasn't there either. but i bet they offer him enough he will I'm sure..

  • EELdBpnnan3u -

    Yeah, Brady needs to bottom and soon. He has a great body; especially an amazingly plump and delicious looking bubble butt! It would be a very hot scene to see Derek Jones or another big dicked guy fuck Brady!

  • kH8czT8gqcK -

    can we PLEASE get brady to bottom!!!! I been wanting to see that forever. all this rimming he has done he should just bottom. doggy style and have his has just bounce really nice. Maybe like a pov video

  • ZachUSA -

    I think Collin needs to fuck EVERY new model to make sure they can handle a man's cock since his cock is a thing of beauty and size DOES matter

  • 87Vqy3wVJxQNt -

    This has to be an old scene. Hope Brady does not come back since he does not reciprocate at all, waste of a Collins Simpson scene.

  • dickie83 -

    Hi! New member here! But I've been a fan of Collin's for a long-time. I can't wait for this scene :o btw, is it possible to request for models? I've been hoping Gayhoopla would pick up Luke Layne as I've been wishing he'd become a Gayhoopla model.

  • 4SYc48yWnAmSz -

    brady is gorgeous. how i would love to see him feel another dude inside him for tthe first time. especially Derek Jones