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Home Videos Bradley Whitman First-Time FLIP-FLOP FUCK With Derek Jones

Bradley Whitman First-Time FLIP-FLOP FUCK With Derek Jones

 | views: 799980 0%

This scene was legendary before it even came out. Bradley Whitman had come just to shoot a solo scene, but Derek Jones got a look at him and wanted to get into some action. That HUGE dick made Derek a bit nervous, but he knew the pairing would be a hit. Derek talked Bradley into doing a flip-fuck scene. Bradley has never ever even kissed a guy, but someone as handsome as Bradley... hey, who better for your first time?

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  • NicoH1 -

    Fuck me

  • ii6Ed2Gt -

    Please focus more on Bradley’s feet, too!

  • popperdude05 -

    Derek - I'd love to be your bitch SIR! hehe

  • odinnot -

    hot that derek is that bradley ass virginty,i think this is derek 4 or 5 time taking a guy ass virginty. i love the interviews & the end we see the derek & bradley ass, see a new scene of derek bottom is a dream come true over & over again

  • odinnot -

    wow hot hearing derek pre-cum with buttplug up his butt. happy to see derek is enjoying bottom.great view of cock going into derek big ass 09:40 & 10:39 hot view of derek ass as derek is riding cock 12:15 to 12:45

  • GYKrnAp8HQfp -

    Love Derek but I don’t think Bradley knew what he was getting into. The connection wasn’t there. I don’t think Bradley was ready for Derek yet. Can’t wait to see what’s next for these two.

  • odinnot -

    I love derek dirty talk. Derek dirty talk always turn me.

  • c8gXqGG2mbk2 -

    I like guys who are vocal, but Derek's non-stop dirty talk became distracting - especially since Bradley is so quiet. I'd like to see Bradley with someone else tho - hopefully as he becomes more comfortable, he'll loosen up a bit.

  • dinodino17 -

    Might be my new favorite (Bradley Whitman) #bush #8.5incher #tighthole just need a bigger dick to fuck Bradley so make it happen GH i just renewed my membership for 1 yr!

  • PdVbnrJKEwvy -

    Joined for D Jones’ D

  • odinnot -

    hmm hot scene, i stay up untill it was release. hot see derek big booty get fuck. i agree with derek,bradley is a lucky guy, to be fucking derek ass

  • sean0915 -

    Thank you Derek Jones and Bradley Whitman for a great scene. Please next time eat some cum.

  • pudgy37 -

    Dirty D does it again! Very good scene. Hope Bradley comes back for more. Love to see when guys really enjoy it.

  • odinnot -

    im waiting for the full scene

  • pudgy37 -

    Can't wait for this one! An Dirty D is looking fine.

  • nmtGTuhrrvPJ -

    Two masculine studs enjoying uninhibited man sex. Can't wait till Nov 17th!

  • odinnot -

    im happy the trailer is up