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Brad Bison Rubs One Out

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Live cam cum show replay.

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  • rupert -

    i would love to wrestle him in a college match ! Man on man

  • griffrag13626 -

    would love to see him back in a duo action video.

  • seattlemb -

    Brad is stunningly gorgeous, sweet and sexy. The problem is he needs an HD cam BADLY. He puts on great shows, but half of it is blurry. And, let’s face it, when you are looking at naked people, the details are important! :) Heck, I’d send him a cam off Amazon. You can buy a USB one for less than $50.00. Maybe you can bring him in for a professional video. Anyway, more of Brad and also, if there is ANYTHING you can do to get Zack Rode back…please do it. They are both beyond hot! I also wouldn’t mind seeing another cam show by Brad’s friend Jesse (who also needs an HD cam). Thanks for bringing in the stunning guys!

  • assman1 -

    This guy is AMAZING. he's brining something different to the site. love his interactions! a keeper!! <3

  • Sylvain -

    This guy is too much!

  • dont0406 -

    do you mind that I think you're hot