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Home Videos Blonde Island Muscle STUD Danny Klein

Blonde Island Muscle STUD Danny Klein

 | views: 654815 5%

Danny Klein joins our cast of beautiful men at We wanted to take advantage of both Danny's personality and the amazing scenery around us. We wanted our first ever island jerk. In our efforts, we had canoe out to the island with all of our equipment; gambling it wouldn't tip over and fall into the ocean. After almost 20 minutes of paddling we finally made it. It was beautiful... With a combination of the unique landscape and Danny's stunning good looks, we let the cameras roll. He started with some under water snorkeling naked! That was fucking hot! Then he climbed up the lava flows to an amazing private nook. He began to jerk off with the ocean breeze and noise surrounding him. A spear fishermen was getting closer as he was getting ready to cum. Under pressure of not getting caught, Danny lets out an orgasmic load right on his own private island. Such an epic shoot.

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  • Hot4U1969 -

    What makes this classic video great is how much he moans and facial expressions while humping the bed. I love the double cum shot videos from early in the day. His ass is perfection. I wish he would come back

  • isidro2 -

    Is there any way that this guy can be brought back? PLEASE???

  • griffrag13626 -

    Danny is hot, needs to be brought back for a man on man sex video with another guy as a top, bottom or both, see what you can do.

  • hot4u69 -

    A great video. I love football players and Danny was a QB in college. The naked underwater filming was great. Danny has a great body and i loved his eyes. I'm an ass man and his ass was amazing. More football players please.

  • aviatorguy -

    OMG my American friends stop expecting everyone to be perfect!!!! I want to masturbate over someone who is believeable and human not perfect in every way!!!! Keep the flaws, they make the model seem both human and beautiful - look in the mirror before you start casting insults!

  • Darling -

    I agree. These guys are both hot, but they should get rid of their lesions on their scrotum, even if they are be***n

  • ogarcia37 -

    Beautiful amazing man.

  • bfychiguy14 -

    There is no question that he is hot and adorable. But, why not have him see a dermatologist to remove the wart on his balls before the shoot??? The last new model had the same problem... this is very hard to understand. What is going on at GayHoopla??? This should never happen... never.

  • Darling -

    really great personality on a really hot blond hunky guy

  • zeppers -

    The preview was impressive, but the full feature is even better!

  • dross1705 -

    This was a very good video!! Danny is super cute O_O

  • pudge37 -

    Woof woof howwwllll! He is a GOD! Very satisfying vid. Well photographed and edited. Loved the underwater nakie scene. Vids are getting better & better. And models are always the best on the internet! This guy has to be seen again.

  • krazykid -

    SO hot! another muscle star. get him on a live show!! please!!

  • clearh20 -

    Danny first

  • Darling -

    Yes. For Sure. Danny looks hot

  • rwlnak123 -

    danny! danny! danny! danny! ............

  • WorkBitch -

    Danny first please

  • Erick2345 -

    Definitely Danny first

  • zeppers -

    Danny looks hot, but first Tyler & Phillip!

  • kntcky -

    Who yea!

  • hockeyfan -

    Great looking dude and Hawaii is always good. Hoopla no ka oi.

  • hockeyfan -

    Yeah. Cool song

  • pudge37 -

    Great-looking dude. Definitely want to see this, but the duo first please.

  • alex0000 -

    OMG, Yes!!! release him Nov. 2 pleassseeee

  • ZachUSA -

    I suggest you add the song along with the posting like you do for Categories