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Home Videos Big Dick Newcomer Jayden Marcos Jerks Off

Big Dick Newcomer Jayden Marcos Jerks Off

 | views: 695788 4%

Please give a very warm welcome to our new SUPERSTAR Jayden Marcos! A super down-to-earth guy that is just as sweet as he looks. A bit shy and timid at first, but once he lights up that gorgeous smile and you lock eyes with handsome Jayden, there's no going back. Enjoy an extended interview to give you an opportunity to learn all about young Jayden and what his dreams and aspirations are in life. We'll tell you this... he's an open-minded stud that believes variety is the SPICE of life! The experiences you have are what mold you in to who you are. A very wise statement from such a young man! Thanks for sharing yourself (and your HUGE cock) with us Jayden! We can't wait to ride along with you on this journey we call life!

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  • binxyboy -

    Just became familiar with Jayden. I must have been living under a rock. Among the top solos I have ever seen... and I've seen quite a few.


    PLEASE SHOW US MORE OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jbana78 -

    He is the best! More of him plssssss

  • Jbana78 -

    Get him tag teamed please.

  • CJywyVkAsj6P -

    loved the solo. great looking guy with a great attitude! keeping my subscription for Jayden.

  • joshsantana1105 -

    Get him tag-teamed please....

  • atmostud -

    Jayden, you're so awesome, please come back many times.

  • rainbowgary -

    Thanks for asking the models where they are from. Since I am in PDX, Jayden needs to work on my car or me.

  • butch1910 -

    hottest solo on the site,

  • Bigc77 -

    I want to see this guy fucking everyone. Damn that was hot!

  • sable14 -

    love this guy. seems laid back & sexy want to see him with as many partners as possible.

  • pudgely -

    I was impatiently waiting for him to get naked during that long interview. It was worth the wait! and he will definitely be up for some guy-guy action. You're in for a lot of fun, Jayden.

  • TdVRC99ux3dY -

    You need to mic your guys. It’s distracting to hear the cameraman clearly with the guy sounding like he’s at the end of a long tunnel. Jayden’s voice is sexy. Too bad we couldn’t hear him well.

  • kgmets -

    AT 6' 160 lbs., this 20 year old has a nice ass for fucking. Since Jayden said he is willing to try a dick in there, please make his first scene with a partner his anal deflowering and fucking of his virgin ass. Butt plug out/real cock in!

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    I agree love to see more , but with a real guy doing the ass play with his cock.

  • harlanny -

    This guys is sensational, let's see much more of him!

  • OfficialLaEl -

    Peggy, thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. The truth is we specialize in first timers. When we say he's never done this before, it's 100% true. At least that's what these guys all tell us prior to us even booking them.

  • fratboylover69 -

    camera caught all the right moments-as for the he's never done this before thing...well taking it up the butt for the first time can be really awkward and I for one really don't want to see that! actually prefer a solo with no ass action

  • peggy13 -

    Jayden looks like a great new model, very handsome and he has a great body, cock and ass. I do wish you guys would just stop it with the "he's never done xxx before" BS. Really not necessary or, here, believable.