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Big Dick Long Hair Stud Randy Reno Fucks Muscle Tatted Jock Travis Youth

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SUPER HOT SCENE here, Travis Youth asked Randy Reno to fuck him hard and pound the shit out of him. Be careful what you wish for Travis, because college jock Randy has plenty of hard dick to go around. Randy isn't a total caveman though and he treats Travis with respect. At least he got Travis's tight pink hole wet with his tongue before he busted them cheeks open.

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  • Ohio73 -

    This is a ***** performance.

  • Spirlfb -

    seriously!! We need a round here ??? Those two are so much into each other

  • RUPERT770 -

    Two very sexy guys who match superbly giving a very 1st class experience to the viewer Beautifully produced and photographed Congrats to all involved with this super movie Hmm

  • jaimen225 -

    I love Travis, I think he's one of the hottest guys on here. Scene had potential, would love o see more of travis tho bottom or top.

  • Jupiter84 -

    As hot as Randy is, he really needs to bottom ASAP in his next scene. His fuck stroke is not as good as Jayden (heck, Jayden's stroke game isnt that good). I don't know how people will react if he tops in his next vid. Travis should try topping.

  • jameswg -

    Randy has to bottom soon haha

  • kgmets -

    Travis asked Randy to fuck him and pound him hard. Be careful about what you ask for Travis. Liked how Travis sucked every last drop out of Randy. Randy's hot ass stays virgin.

  • sable14 -

    Travis & Randy wow what a hot scene, love you both, what a pair- can not get enough of them.

  • Countryboi67 -

    Can someone at least eat out Randy’s ass?

  • kyboyz1993 -

    Oh my God, Randy is my favorite model! I hope he bottoms <3

  • johnma -


  • alkitcp -

    Can't wait for Randy to bottom!

  • Zac042891 -

    When is randy gonna get fucked?