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Home Videos Big Dick London Ryan FUCKS Teen Josh Farve

Big Dick London Ryan FUCKS Teen Josh Farve

 | views: 744792 8%

I'll be honest... when I first set eyes on London Ryan's monster cock I thought to myself... there is NO WAY any of our guys are going to be able to take that dick... even if London was willing to dish it out! And then comes Josh Farve. Josh is an experienced teenager and rising star at GH that knows the key to enjoyable anal sex is committed stretching. This commitment got him through two amazing scenes with other well endowed GH studs, Collin Simpson and Ian Borne. But is London a different breed?? Long story short, big dick London had never fucked a guy before but after meeting us he realized he was in good hands which helped him feel at ease and open to trying new things sexually. Come along to see if Josh can handle this 9" cock in his tight teen hole. Wow London... seemed like you enjoyed that... Does that mean we will get to see more of you in action soon?? Gosh I sure hope so.

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  • jaro1190 -

    The BTS scene with Josh prepping in the bathtub really puts this scene over the top! It's my new go to! More of Josh on bottom and the suggestion of spit-roasting/more than one bloke topping Josh is excellent. I hope someone is taking notes, GH!

  • Cumdumpig -

    I think it’s great that Josh really deep throated London and took his huge cock really rough and deep! I would love to see another couple of scenes with London topping Josh super extra hard and rough and coming in his mouth. Really streching him out

  • kgmets -

    How many 5'11" 160 lbs. young men have 9" cocks? London is very well endowed as Josh will attest after taking that huge cock up his butt in this scene.

  • kgmets -

    18 year old Josh's hot muscular *** school wrestler butt gets fucked for the third scene in a row. London gave him by far the biggest dick up Josh's ass. Bet Josh never thought that all that wrestling practice prepped him for this!

  • bethel1973 -

    Josh and London are perfect together. This was passionate, awesome, reflecting real chemistry between these two HOT guys. Loved it!

  • bx7675 -

    London Ryan is the hottest guy I've seen on this site. Unlike most of the gay for pay guys here, he is passionate and totally into Josh. Can't wait to see more of London.

  • Vitaminad -

    Josh farve is the best bottom! So glad you paired him with London

  • bimyself1 -

    I think its *** time for Josh to get tag teamed/spitroasted by Zach Douglas and Big D. He can most def take on 2 at once.

  • pudgely -

    Bravo! Josh took that 9-1/2" like a champ. Nice to see guys really enjoying themselves and not just doing it for the money. Bring these guys back soon. Very exhilarating.

  • popperdude05 -

    Raw sexual energy! U would've liked to have seen it a bit more form both players throughout the scene. B+

  • BradV4 -

    Super pumped for this scene! London and Josh are two of my personal favs now!

  • letsbefriends -

    really excited for london to get his tongue deep in that ass