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Big Dick Baron Wade FUCKS Rico Vega

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Ready for a hot fuck? Look no further... Baron Wade and Rico Vega put on a show that you will NEVER forget. This is one hot interracial treat. Rico told us he had been practicing his anal stretching techniques and was so proud that he was able to fit his biggest butt plug up his ass comfortably. Of course this prompted us to get ahold of Baron Wade to see if we could really put young bodybuilder Rico to the test. Spoiler alert... Rico not only took Baron's BBC, before even he knew it, he was begging for more. Hot, young, raw, passionate sex is what you get with this instant classic.

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  • aash164 -

    Would love to have seen Rico come on Barons face!!!!

  • Jbana78 -

    More Rico Vega pls!!!! He is super hot to see bottom.... and give him two big cocks!

  • bethel1973 -

    Baron and Rico were so hot and sexy in this scene. Thanks, guys.

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    HOt! I am surprised it did not get a hot rating coming out the gate

  • pudgely -

    Intense! The whole enchilada. Nice to see guys really enjoying what they're doing. A big thumbs up!

  • Gonzo50 -

    Rico Vega is one sexy dude. I'm looking forward to his latest scene

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    I can't wait!!