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Big Booty Logan Showing Dat Ass Off

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Logan Vaughn showed up right on time sporting his new haircut and glasses. He started off by showing his tree trunk tanned legs and got the crowd to start getting rowdy. He later showed off his signature ass as pointed it right at the camera. Logan then proceeded to jerk off and cum all over his abs. What a Hunk.

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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Why do gorgeous guys put a big hunk of plastic on and cover their faces. Do they think it makes them look smart and sophisticated? C'mon fellas this is porn! One tip for ***s-Don't ever get old. It sucks hard. Not in a good way!

  • Matt -

    My clock says 5:02 PM Pacific Std Time Jan 16, 2015, so that should be later than 12:01am Pacific Jan 16th, 2015. Where is the video? NOTE: You have the wrong year listed above (FULL video releases to GayHoopla members at 12:01am Pacific USA time on January 16th 2014.)

  • sucker77 -

    cool guy.. love the glasses