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Home Videos Asian Hottie David Slinger Opens His Ass Wide For Big Buff Micky Mallato

Asian Hottie David Slinger Opens His Ass Wide For Big Buff Micky Mallato

 | views: 687989 1%

David Slinger knows Micky Mallato has a monster cock, but is he afraid? Admitted yes! But scared enough to back down? Hell to the no! David wouldn't pass up a muscle hottie like Micky. So he preps his ass and hopes for the best. Little does David know that the kind of pleasure he is about to receive will be mind altering down to his core. Micky's big fat cock is enough to make David bust a fat nut early in this scene then Micky takes control and uses David's sweet tight Asian hole until it's time to paint that handsome Asian face with a big creamy load.

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  • memberl5vciTd0tsTC7BFs -

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see David's load. That's been true of several other scenes of late. That's not acceptable, guys.

  • BentBeefSt1ck -

    David loves that hard dick so much I'd love to see him bottom again

  • AnonUser_4 -

    The veins in Micky's huge muscular arms make me so horny

  • slicklicker13 -

    Best thumbnail ever- David took Micky's huge dick up that tiny hole!

  • FootMan16 -

    Strong hottie Micky lays down the pipe on David's asshole

  • earlyfinisher10 -

    Been really feeling all the upclose rimming shots lately! shoutout to the camera man

  • Xilefnbc -

    Wil Mallato ever bottom? I think it is pitty to waste that big beautiful bubble ass of him in only top scenes.

  • zarkus -

    Micky is one beautiful man with such a fine ass......can't wait to see someone give that ass the pounding it deserves.

  • memberNHn6bh98JubJre2K -

    please have David back, he loves it-the great Micky as always. Saw Davids first at Biguys. He has the it.-factor.

  • jarko23 -

    Great pairing,!! Please keep bring back Mickey!! OUCH!! Did you forget to upload the 1080p res option for viewing and downloading this video??