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Andre Temple FUCKS Max Summerfield

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When I picked up Andre from the airport he seemed pretty nervous about his first time fucking a guy. Within a few minutes he began joking around, telling me how he was going to make this guy choke on his dick and then he would destroy his ass. We swung by the studio to pick up Max and head to breakfast before the film. I think Andre was a little surprised when he saw Max walk up to the car, "Damn, you're fucking big, dude!" "I thought I was gonna be dominating some little guy!" Max quickly replied "Welcome to GayHoopla!" The guys instantly hit it off, like they'd been good buds for years, joking, laughing, and even flexing for each other. We wrapped up breakfast and headed back. On the way back Max took a sneak peak at Andre's dick, he just smiled. In the end, Andre got too caught up in the moment and forgot to tell us that he was going to cum. Fortunately, he makes Max cum so hard that it hits his face and goes past his head!

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  • sean0915 -

    Max Summerfield and his geyser of a dick is the star of this scene

  • vickyladdesi -

    max summerfield is GROSS! Andre is amazing!!

  • mailmanmike -

    like to see the new boys go at it Andre and Pete

  • kapukane -

    WHERE is the tongue when they kiss???? Who kisses with out tongue? Who kisses like that? is that how they kiss women?

  • hot4u69 -

    I love any video with Max in it. He puts 100% into everything he does. His intensity and heavy breathing gets me. Max's cum shot was worth a double take and I'm glad you gave it a double take. He sprayed like a fountain and even shot some on his face. Then he pull Andre in so he would have to lay on his cum soaked body and kiss him. I like it

  • versalin2 -

    nice vid. One more time I appreciate the smiles, the fun at the beginning and the so naural talk at end. I like together Max and Andre, this one taking the things like they arrive. I like this simplicity

  • abc17325gh -

    Sorry. I'm a huge fan of Max. But I have to agree that this one was "by-the-numbers." The description talks about the way the guys hit it off, joking and all. But little of that comes through in the sex. I think GH scenes may be edited too much -- maybe leave in more of the back-story stuff, the guys talking to each other, giving each other instructions, giving their reactions, and even the mistakes or problems. The site is about real guys...but the sex scenes often feel like they have been cleaned up, polished too much.

  • drdarian -

    Only gripe is the lack of serious tongue with my kissing. Gimme that and I'd be one happy camper. Perhaps you wouldn't mind accommodating with a Sean/Andre scene. Hint Hint

  • noodles -

    Someone didn't show up for this scene....seriously, Andre looks bored. Hot, but bored.

  • pudge37 -

    Another one of those by-the-numbers business arrangements. In his next one, I want to see Andre reciprocate a little. This resembled a leave-the-money-on-the-dresser deal.

  • Rayner -

    Andre and Sean. Make it happen.

  • mixedkidd91 -

    I need to see Andre on the bottom A.S.A.P, after seeing this. His ass is way to nice for it to not deserve a pounding. I will definitely renew my membership when that happens. He is so fine!!

  • danirile60 -

    Andre Temple is keeping me a subscriber to GayHoopla. Want to see him do it all before he leaves. If he is paired with Sean Costin, then I think I might just explode!

  • drew11w -

    Andre Temple has a great ass, and it would be great to see him bottom for someone who will know how to use it.

  • tommytum -

    any video with Max bottoming is my favourite, seeing him get fucked is the best thing ever

  • coolcoolboy -

    Max looks amazing here. Any bottoming scene of his is a total win.

  • trex -

    Andre looks great here, but the last thing Gayhoopla needs is another top who won't rim or suck cock ( or even touch his partner's cock). Let's hope Andre does more in his next video.