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Home Videos Alpha Dog Derek Jones FLIP FUCKS With The Screamer Jimmy Norris

Alpha Dog Derek Jones FLIP FUCKS With The Screamer Jimmy Norris

 | views: 735627 9%

Derek Jones or "Dirty D" as they call him, WRECKED Jimmy Norris's hoe ass! We love seeing Derek's sweet bubble butt getting rimmed. The fun really heated up when Derek told Jimmy to "suck daddy's dick". From there, a wild flip-fuck ensued but the best is saved for last when Jimmy takes a huge load to his pretty face. The slut wears it proudly too.

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  • Kayaker6 -

    Derek Jones is the perfect man and lover! Every scene he is in gets hotter and sexier! Keep these amazing scenes and studs coming!

  • mQtHqfMxr -

    What happened to the Sean Costin scene?

  • odinnot -

    Why have gayhoopla not release Sean Costin bottom scene?

  • odinnot -

    Hot scene. Always hot seeing derek big ass get rim & fuck hot see derek ass in blue ck underwear

  • DoctorJ2021 -

    so i'm confused, when at the end of the scenes you post whats coming up next, its the actual video being released next week? the scene with sean and ian?

  • vinny80 -

    Fucking hot!

  • kgmets -

    Hot older/younger scene. Derek set the tone when he ordered Jimmy to "suck daddy's dick!" Then a flip flop fuck outbreak ensued. Derek fucked a big load out of Jimmy, Jimmy would up wearing Derek's cum on his face, e. g. on his left eye.

  • pudgely -

    That hit the spot. Dirty D does it again with an equally hot partner. Encore!