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Home Videos Alex Griffen Lapdance Fucks Derek Jones

Alex Griffen Lapdance Fucks Derek Jones

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One hot scene that starts out as just a strip tease.

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  • ndanjr7593 -

    That is absolutely beautiful. I wish more performers would put as much passion into their performances, as these 2 did. They made this look utterly passionate and with all abandon. Bravo!!

  • Ukochany -

    Alex is graceful, sinuous. Beautiful.

  • bethel1973 -

    This was HOT!! Definitely enjoyed it. Thanks Derek and Alex.

  • odinnot -

    i love this scene. hot lap dance. both guys are so into each other. it was hot when derek say he enjoy the lap dance more,when alex have his ass on derek cock

  • 5pXhLMSNBHNS -

    The bacne and assne are such turnoffs.

  • accord55 -

    more derek please he makes GH rock

  • dickie83 -

    Damn, Derek has gotten more ripped the past few months. Keep him cumming!

  • EELdBpnnan3u -

    Wow! Alex Griffen is sexy as . . . . I'm at a loss for words! More lap dances, as no way that Derek Jones wasn't turned on! If Derek Jones was straight before Alex's lap dance, and that's a big if, no way he's straight after it. DAMN!

  • sean0915 -

    Derek Jones is an amazing hot man. I am looking forward to the release of this scene with hot Alex Griffen.

  • ZachUSA -

    I know that Derek is suppose to be str8 and all but he has fucked a lot of men and seems to really enjoy it.... so I am going to say he is BI now or always was since he has been on GH/HGF.... I could be wrong but I don't judge.... cock is cock..LOVE

  • 87Vqy3wVJxQNt -

    Never really liked Derek.

  • odinnot -

    Great that gayhoolpla got derek to fuck alex bubble butt