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Home Videos Aiden Miller FUCKS Jason Keys

Aiden Miller FUCKS Jason Keys

 | views: 745529 1%

Aiden Miller was busy signing some releases when Jason Keys was at the studio. Jason being the horny bastard he is, decided he wanted some of Aiden's monster cock because rumor has it, Dmitry Dickov had competition. After some coercing and bullshitting with Aiden, Jason convinced him he could "help" prepare him to grow in this industry. Aiden was worried he'd get in trouble but after speaking with Jason, felt better. Jason moved in for a kiss and Aiden really enjoyed it. After some more fooling around, Jason suggested Aiden stick that monster in his mangina. Jason never had a cock that big go into his tiny little hole. Aiden becomes very comfortable quite quickly and starts plowing away. After two enthusiastic nuts were blown, Jason just walks his bowlegged ass off set. Not sure what position he's retiring in tonight. ENJOY!


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  • Hot4U1969 -

    This was one of my favs from the early day. Everything about this video was perfection from the camera shots, Jason’s erection the whole time to Aidens big dick being sucked standing up to Aiden fucking Jason standing up. The camera man deserves an award from getting the perfect fucking shot between their legs showing Aidens big dick fucking Jason ass and Jason having a hardon the same time. Duplicate this format again

  • kgmets -

    This turned out to be Aiden's one and only video with a scene partner. So give him credit for being a totally straight ***, who gave it his best shot and later decided it was not for him. Still he has memories of kissing, sucking and fucking a guy

  • accord55 -

    hot scene with aiden and jason non stop erection

  • fq3ky -

    Aiden Miller's an IT man; he has it all. Too bad he wasn't paired with a partner who did, too, especially for his first bottom. As willing as cute Jason Keys is, he was not much help to a beginner top Jason lacked sucking s***s, too, that even Aiden, who was new to them, as well, seemed to develop more naturally. Aiden's worth watching grow! He looks like a natural talent.

  • phriend -

    I have the same thoughts as the others when it comes to the bj so lets move on. I have no issue with the intercourse. Although probably not planned this way but Aiden was playing a naive role not sure if things were ok being timid the sex shouldn't be over the top passionate in this scene. The one thing that really through off my escape from reality(?) was Aiden's line you're sure its ok to do this with no cameras here or anything?With a cameraman obviously operating a mobile camera. If Jason were to secretly set up a stationary camera Aiden would have to avoid looking at the camera and try not to make it obvious. The best is just to leave that line out. Overall two very hot young men and a video well worth the time.

  • erniebernie80 -

    More Aiden please. Get him a good bottom next time, Jason was awful. I want to see Aiden fuck someone real hard and good.

  • andmai -

    or two big cock´s fucking...a flip/flop-scene between Dmitry and Aiden :-)

  • andmai -

    please make a Scene between Aiden and Chris Kohler. And the Scene is a flip/flop Scene :-)

  • sexychic -

    For what it's worth - you need to have a group of great cock suckers and a group of power bottoms and choose from those groups to work with power tops such as Aiden. It's no good putting two power tops together, it won't work. A potentially hot video is often let down by one of the models who either can't give head or is squeamish about getting fucked. But any video with Aiden will be eagerly anticipated. It's just a matter of getting the mix right with who he's paired with. Hope this feedback helps and rest assured I'm not being critical, just trying to offer some advice to make a hot video even hotter. oxox

  • Loopster -

    This was quite OK actually. I'm not giving it any *** grades for two simple reasons. The cock sucking s***s of Jason, and the lackluster fucking. For someone who's admittedly BI, Jason needs to practice more those oral s***s. It was actually laugh provoking to see how he did it. Like it was a joke. lol The rest of the scene was fairly good, aside from the lackluster fucking. I get that straight guys are a fetish, but you guys need to realize that you will never get a GREAT fuck scene from someone who's just gay for pay. It's rare. The Top needs to at least be BI. I.e. JJSwift, who is awesome at fuck scenes. You can see he enjoys the hell out of it. :)

  • pudge37 -

    The fucking was great, but the other guys were right: Jason gave a very poor BJ. First-timer Aiden gave Jason a better one. Loved all the kissing & photography showed Jason was genuinely getting fucked (loved his expressions). And Jason delivered a nice cum shot. I got off.

  • uliroth -

    Jason really needs to learn how to suck a cock.

  • Sylvain -

    I keep it for my vacation! it will be a ray of sun the day It will rain ;-)

  • b423619 -

    Someone should teach your models that when "sucking" a dick one should apply suction to said dick !!! They are "gay for pay". They should act like gay sex is enjoyable.

  • Will2014 -

    Aiden is amazing: great face, fine body, hot legs, and of course, a beautiful, thick 'n juicy cock. How about another solo when he can really show off?

  • lucas406 -

    Jason is like hard the entire shoot and what a cumshot :p

  • uncle_jim -

    This is a great preview scene. Personally I prefer Jason as a top, His sleek slim body is perfect for topping. Don't get me wrong though ... as a bottom he is HOT! Can hardly wait to see the full scene!

  • ZachUSA -

    now we are talking... hot cocks on jocks....plus hot cock in a jock...perfecto!

  • MDNAish -

    Great angle to shoot. Congrats

  • spence -

    OMG! i love Jason! these two look like a great pairing. jason is such a natural, he's come a long way since his first video. Aiden is Hot! cant wait to watch the whole video!

  • Ambition -

    Yes, Aiden is so hot!!!!