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Home Videos After Hours Solo Session With Shredded Codi Kaladin!

After Hours Solo Session With Shredded Codi Kaladin!

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Codi Kaladin's a cute, sort of innocent looking guy with his clothes on. The more his clothes come off, the more he starts looking like a greek statue! Codi's body is perfectly carved and looking great in the after hours light on set tonight. He's had some experience fucking in front of people before but tonight, he's going solo and bringing the cameras in!

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  • Hot4U1969 -

    don't know where you found him but he is a star. The perfect slow hump where you get to see his ass in action and his pretty hole... How many video's is in and it better be a lot

  • dick_meDan -

    hes literally my dream

  • fill_me_up_buttercup -

    This is the 1st time I've seen someone jack off while kneeling but fuck it was good

  • freakiionfriidaii -

    if i was around he would never have to use his hands again.. sheesh he's hot

  • captiankittenxo -


  • harlanny -

    Fucking hot! A specimen of chiseled beauty and virility!