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Adrian Monroe FUCKS James Manziel in Europe

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Who's ready for some more European adventures? This time with James Manziel and Adrian Monroe! Leave your passport at home for this one and kick back in the comfort of your own home as you sightsee with these handsome young men. Enjoy exploring the world together and share every experience with them on this trip of a LIFETIME! When it's time to head back to the room, take in some additional scenic views... this time of some hot, young, passionate, gay sex! These guys must have had their eyes on each other this trip because once they started kissing, there was no looking back. You can just feel their energy and connection!

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  • kgmets -

    Two young hot handsome dudes going at it. James' hot little ass looks fantastic getting pounded by Adrian. Between the pounding and ass slapping, James must have had one sore butt at the end of this scene.

  • jimmharlo -

    Round 2 - what did I miss round 1? Possibly the hottest video you guys have done with possibly the two hottest guys in the industry today. Loved the entire video!! But guys, where is their first hookup.

  • Vitaminad -

    Adrian Monroe is so sexy! I love when he tops

  • maringuy55 -

    Incredible studs having great sex. Rarely have I witnessed a model like James who so naturally performs and so obviously craves hard cock. The intense physical and emotional pleasure he is experiencing is completely honest and erotic.

  • pb94301 -

    Wait. They referenced this being the second time. Where is the first time? I don't see that on the site!!

  • jnun05 -

    Lol just have these two fuck all the time cause that’s the hottest video you have on this site

  • gGr1BNBWne81 -

    As they are in greece it would of been nice to see james get dmitry's kebab as well

  • MarkJohnson -

    Get James back to topping please. He still has the best cumshot you’ve ever shown when he fucked Collin lol