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Home Videos Adrian Monroe And James Manziel Meet For The First Time To FlipFuck

Adrian Monroe And James Manziel Meet For The First Time To FlipFuck

 | views: 737418 2%

Two of GayHoopla's hottest and most iconic men finally meet! James Manziel and Adrian Monroe love to both top and bottom. Do you know what happens next? Why, a red hot flip flop of course! Many of our members have been wanting this scene to happen FOREVER. Well, to those that had the patience to wait... the moment is NOW! These two are so comfortable in front of the camera at this point that they acted like we weren't even there. Don't miss out on this GayHoopla instant classic!

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  • Ohio73 -

    Adrian and James together as a couple having sex is always a winner. They are adorable together. Love them!

  • anakin010 -

    Too much previews, not enough of the main event.

  • jimmharlo -

    Two of GH finest. James Manziel delivers another awesome performance. No one rides like James, and Adrian's big cock is the beneficiary. Really hot scene and now i know why they could not wait to get to Greece

  • kgmets -

    These two hot young guys really look good together in this hot flip flop fuck scene. Since Adrian's cock looked bigger and thicker, I'm guessing that James' hot little ass was sorer at the end of this scene.