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A 1-on-1 With Nervous New Stud Jack Sims!

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Jack Sims is a bit of a quiet guy and claims to put off an innocent face. Don't let his shy demeanor fool you, this Asian STUD is not only a freak... He's packing some HEAT! Jack's got a big ole girthy cock and a sexy body to match! You're going to want to catch this stud in action!

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  • clockmedown43 -

    Can't wait to see more of this sweet sexy hottie

  • StrangerMoon2 -

    Already a HUGE fan of Jack! Something about that innocent face...

  • Whisperbuster2 -

    No need to be nervous Jack! We <3 you already!!

  • xharmony67 -

    Nothing like seeing a shy guy come out of his shell and be his true freaky self

  • warmandwetf0rever -

    I can tell this stud is not as innocent as he thinks he is ;)

  • LeeM888 -

    Sexy shy asian hottie Jack Sims is my NEW FAVORITE