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Mar 03,2014

3-WAY FUCK Fest - JJ Swift, Dmitry Dickov and Cole Money

Hardcore doesn't get much hotter than this. Four friends with four big cocks meet up in this intensely hot three way. Who bottoms? Who tops? Who films? JJ Swift, Dmitry Dickov, Cole Money and La El - all together in a hotel room, and what can come of that, but lots of fucking, sucking and wild debauchery caught on video for GayHoopla fans to enjoy.

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82nbe - 5 years ago

I agree with "cutjustfine"s statement about Hoopla vs. SC & CF.

ge0t1gm0l - 7 years ago

These guys are SO HOT! That makes this scene an even greater disappointment! It seems to be completely lost on you guys what we're paying for. I'll give you a hint, it's NOT to watch them joke around with each other, laughing during a sexual encounter that is completely devoid of passion or, for that matter, INTEREST! It was obvious that these three had no interest in what they were doing other than getting paid. Furthermore, whoever said that this was good "videography" has possibly never seen a porn scene, nor, it seems, has the cameraman!!! He managed to miss pretty much all of the penetration scenes with his jumping and hopping around. He spent so much time aimlessly zooming in and out (the lens saw more action than we did!) that what was possibly the hottest part of the scene, Dmitry's cum shot, was a total blur.

kapukane - 7 years ago

Why did the fucking start at only 3:40 min. in?.....need more oral, foreplay..etc

dross1705 - 7 years ago

This video was ok, but I love the extra footage!! Very funny :)

Limerick69 - 7 years ago

WOW--These three did a great job! Cole is becumming a Lord Bottomsley!!

cutjustfine - 7 years ago

...yeah, SC, CF, and others may have the polish, but this site shines because of the natural reactions, interactions, with guys that truly enjoy the sexual flow! ...and each other!

davidusc - 7 years ago

A PURE BORE ... Ok, you all need to take a trip over to Sean Cody and see how real HOT AMATEUR FUCKERS have awesome bone spewing sex. When you suck dick, you don't just suck the DICK HEAD, like a three year old girl; ya deep throat the fucker, suck and lick balls while jackin, and moan your asses off while doing it. When you get fucked, you don't laugh and space out on what you had for breakfast, you get the vocal cords out and use them. When you kiss, GO DEEP, mean it and make it count. And those boners, they need to be boner straight up hard all the time. I'm not continuing my membership, regardless of how hot the guys are, when the guys aren't sexually present and my dick bones a halfer and drops at the end, thinking WTF, dammit. I give these duos/trio GayHoopla sex scenes, save for Austin and JJ's one great fuck flick on the entire site, a five star rating for Best Boring Robot Sex on the net. As we said in the Marines, "do it right, or don't do it at all."

furrymen - 7 years ago

amazing bodies. love them all wish i was ther

paul - 7 years ago

Loved it Guys--Keep up the "HARD" work :)

fierymemars - 7 years ago

Does anyone know how I can download the actual video? Every time I hit "click to download mp4" it seems to just be an audio file...?I don't see any other links, maybe I'm not seeing it? Thanks guys!

danthebigone - 7 years ago

I have no problems downloading and I'm in Japan!!! Might be a server issue! Would love La El to get a bj or fuck on cam??? But love the material anyway!!!!!

brashbr - 7 years ago

I think it is great that the guys are expanding their sexual boundaries. The videography was done well, La L always seems to a good job. It’s obvious that these guys like each other, respect each other and at some level want to have sex with one another but lack one ingredient to make it 100% successful. That being said what this production and others like it at Gay Hoopla are messing is passion and desire, they act only as if they are going through the motion just to earn a pay check. Starting up a new website will be full of hit and misses, trail and errors, but in short time I know La L will have it working perfectly on all fronts. God speed Gay Hoopla…..

uliroth - 7 years ago

Passionless, no heat at all, total disappointment for me.

akhirnya100 - 7 years ago

the cameraman is constantly moving! i know he wanted to capture all the action but a little planning goes a long way. please. more than two seconds on any given angle would be nice.

cre333 - 7 years ago

I agree....When is it Dmitry's turn to bottom. I know he wants it.....Another great video from LaEL and company. Keep 'em coming!

zeppers - 7 years ago

Dmitry, Dmitry, why, Oh Why do you deprive yourself of the pleasures of a dick up your ass :-)

DmitryDickov - 7 years ago

@vabballfan This update is a 422MB file. You need a connection that can stay active to download the entire file. I can download it at ~4mbps in 2 mins.

MattWA18 - 7 years ago

Did nothing for me. I would prefer a 3some that included Jason Keys and Michael Evans.

joneseric - 7 years ago

Although the guys on this site are incredibly hot, I don't know how the site stays in business with all the downloading problems it has. I agree with pudge37 that the sex is basically passionless. Sometimes I fell like I am watching robots who were wound up and just going through the motions.

vabballfan - 7 years ago

Why do I continually have problems downloading these videos? They either stop halfway through or download as slow as dialup and then just hang.

pudge37 - 7 years ago

Fun, but curiously non-erotic. Three guys who are comfortable in each other's company, doing their job with not a bit of passion involved, who clearly would never dream of having sex with each other off cam, basically using each other as sex dolls. Would love to have seen some of the passion shown in the Austin Wilde-JJ show. If the models don't have any passion for each other, they should learn how to fake it. I never had the hint of a boner for the entire thing.

macfalconer - 7 years ago

Utterly Fantastic.

usaf22 - 7 years ago

I just want to know why Dmitri was not performing bottom duties, JJ and Cole were awesome as always....

zeppers - 7 years ago

Oh Boy, once Cole Money took it in the ass, there is just no stopping him. lol.

Rancher - 7 years ago

There is a lot of fucking going on!

blinktim - 7 years ago

AMAZING PREVIEW! This site continuously ceases to amaze me! Love these guys! Blinktim

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