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Tyler French

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  • 5'11" (1.8m)


  • 180lbs (82kg)


  • 7.5

    Cock size

  • 20


Every young man dreams of making it in the XXX world of porn! Tyler French spent years in his frat, talking with his boys about how sick it would be. Tyler's not one to sit around and dream, sent out an application and now his boys get to watch him FUCK! Tyler's party background gave him a lot of experience in the sheets and he couldn't keep ignoring the comments. "You should do porn!" and "You have the best dick EVER!" are just some examples of the compliments he's received after laying the pipe. He loves working out at the gym on campus, getting a fat pump for everyone to stare at. His tats add a flare of bad boy to the mix but those bright blue eyes make you fall in love!

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