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Jack Phoenix

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  • 5'11" (1.8m)


  • 180lbs (82kg)


  • 7

    Cock size

  • 26


Look out for the quiet ones. Jack Phoenix is not a man of many words and he prefers to stay to himself when there's down time. He has an aura of mystery around him at times but that quickly drops as soon as you approach this kind soul of a man. Jack's past is a bit different than most on the site with a native Venezuelan background and a story behind how he got here, he's truly an interesting guy. Throughout his life, Jack has held onto a few core interests that really define him but he says Soccer is where he really feels the passion. This dedication to his craft has molded a body that anyone could watch naked & his lack of fear and true ambition has led him to the gates of his newest career: Adult film!

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