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IG: @D_Red7 - Twitter: @dustin_hazel - onlyfans.com/d_haze Do you know about @d_red7? If you don't, you are missing out. Dustin Hazel is his name and he reps our brands unlike any of our other models. Dustin embraces life in every which way it throws itself at us. The type of guy that will give his shirt off his back to someone he doesn't even know IF it is someone in need. Just the type of guy you want in your corner and we are honored he chose to back us. D-Haze only has one speed -> GO. This buff ginger is pedal to the fucking metal each and every time he throws down on ass/pussy/guy/girl IT DOESN'T MATTER. This is truly next generation type sexuality and we LOVE IT. Keep pushing those social norms and boundaries Dustin! You got our back and WE'VE GOT YOUR'S every step of the way! IG: @D_Red7 - Twitter: @dustin_hazel - onlyfans.com/d_haze